• Heal and create your life


      • Are you struggling with confidence, depression, anger, or anxiety?
      • Do you feel that life does not have meaning or purpose?
      • Are you constantly hitting roadblocks, wondering what you are doing wrong?
      • Do you crave to have passion and joy in your life, and a sense of lightness and ease?
    • I have been in all of those places, and although I am grateful for what they have taught me, I've learned that suffering is an option. Our beliefs shape our lives, our emotions set our vibration, our words organize our energy, and our bodies reflect all of the above back to us. Most of the times what is running us is unconscioius programming. By learning powerful, energizing, life-changing tools, you can start to heal places that have been hurt, and start to consciously create your life.

      You are a powerful creator! You are creating your experience as we speak, and you are becoming what you are practicing. The minute you set an intention to create something else, and take action towards it, everything starts to shift, like magic. When you don't believe in your potential, it can be difficult to shift. That is where I come in. You are not broken, and you don't need to be fixed. What you are is an infinite being, and if something inside is screaming for a change, it's because it is time for you to be more than you currently are. I can help.

      The strategies I use encompass a variety of disciplines, since I find that no particular tool fits all people in all situations. From goal setting to clearing your mind of limiting beliefs, or your closet of old clothes, to bodywork and mediation, to incantations and silly-fun games, I let my intuition guide me to what it is that you need in order to remove blocks that are in the way between you and the full version of you. The magic you can create is in fact ordinary, because it is present all the time. It's just a matter of tapping into it.



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