• Somatics translates as "body awareness". Our bodies have the natural intelligence of knowing how to move most efficiently with the field of gravity. Remember how you learned to walk and run - nobody "taught you". People just held their arms out, and you started moving. 

      However, over time, we all learn to misuse our body while we are busy paying attention to other things. Inefficient patterns of movement became familiar, tension becomes automated, and coordination and efficiency are sacrificed. Some parts of the body have too much sensation (pain) and some have too little (unaware). Some parts are very strong, and some are weak. This phenomenon, of "forgetting" how muscles can work as a whole naturally and efficiently, is referred to as "sensory-motor amnesia". 

      Through Somatics, you can UN-LEARN old, inefficient patterns of movement, so that you can move with more ease and grace, and integrate the information you accumulate in other movement classes more effectively. You will do this by paying attention to parts of your body where you have too little (unaware) or too much (pain) sensation. Techniques used involve verbal directions, touch and movement.