• Ramona P.

      Wife, mother of 2, HR assistant

    • "When I came to Alina I was completely disappointed with my life. I was seeking refuge in cooking and cleaning the house, since that was the only way I knew to make myself feel good. I made no time for myself. I was trying to spend time with my kids, but because I was so tired, I was always irritable and in a bad mood. I spent almost no time with my husband. We only talked about the home and the children. At work, people were noticing that I was dealing with an emotional crisis, and kept asking me what was going on. All of this prompted me to ask for help. 

      Alina had me put on paper all the daily activities I had in a given week, and I realized that I don’t sleep enough, I don’t dedicate time for my health, and I don’t do things that make me feel good. I reorganized my program so that, little with little, I reintroduced in my daily routine time for myself. After a few sessions, I started to read, go to the gym, practice breathing when I would feel like I was getting angry and about to yell at my kids, and started delegating many jobs to my kids’ nanny. This created a big shift in my life, but the one that made me most happy was that I quit smoking spontaneously, without making that a goal. 

      Another big success I had as a result of working with Alina was that I learned to accept myself the way I am, to celebrate my victories, no matter how small, and to not judge the others for what they do or not do, especially my husband. I realized that often times he doesn't do things only because he doesn’t think they are necessary, and when I ask him to help without expecting him to, he does. I learned that the way I communicate to him, as well as my appreciation, make a big difference in our relationship.

      After every session with Alina, I felt that I had the world at my feet, and that I could just step into it, full of confidence, knowing I could face any challenge. Alina assigned me homework through which I could measure the results I was getting. We talked about what I could be doing better, and not about what I was doing wrong. 

      After three months of working together, I feel a big change. Those around me noticed it, too. I am now often told that I look beautiful and serene, without making any change in my appearance. I pay more and more attention to myself, and I am more feminine. I put care into what I wear, and I even paint my nails, which I didn’t do before. 

      The best part about all of this growth is that I cannot go back to the person I was before. I saw for myself how easy it is to make time for myself and for my husband, so now taking care of the house is my lowest priority. My children benefit, also, because they have a much happier mother around them. We now spend a lot of time together as a family, and we have a great time. 

      I know there are, and always will be, other things to improve, and that I will not always be successful, but I feel prepared to move through obstacles, and love the growth that challenges bring to me."

    • Nihit S.

      Scientist, artist, lover of people

    • "Working with Alina has bought very powerful changes in my life. Before I started working with her, if anytime things would not go in my way, I had a habit of blaming myself and letting me fall through a spiral of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Alina helped me identify and acknowledge when such a process would happen and understand how I could use my physiology, language and focus to convert the same into empowering ones. I practiced a few such scenarios with her and could immediately see how easily I was able to turn my emotions around. 

      During this time, I also had a few unfortunate incidents happen in my personal life and this practice was exactly what I needed to not only stand up against them, and but also feel stronger after I was able to get over them. She also helped me understand the concept of 6 human needs, to explain the behavior of people I was having a difficult time with, and free my mind from keeping any grudges against them. 

      I also worked with Alina on how I could collect my thought process by setting up clear intentions, and plan appropriately before reaching for my goals. She helped me phrase my thoughts in clear and concise manner, which improved my communication skills at work and in personal life. Everyday I would go through a few simple routines and exercises that would improve my posture, thought process, and fill me with empowering beliefs and optimism. I would begin my day looking forward to it, and end it realizing what I added to, and already had in my life. As a result of coaching with Alina, I now spend my time effectively, and stay away from ideas and actions that don't serve me. 

      Alina has been very professional, a role model to look up to, and learn from."

    • Rosa O.

      Stay-at-home mother of twins

    • "When I started working with Alina I was struggling with anxiety, overthinking, thinking about other people's problems, lack of energy, and all over body pain that I had had ever since I could remember. Alina taught me to turn inward, to see myself in a good light, and to remain in a grateful state of mind. I connected with my values and my feelings in a meaningful and empowering way. I learned to reframe my experiences and see the gift in all of them. I became much more compassionate towards my partner, and learned to separate myself from other people's problems. 

      After three months of coaching and Zen Bodytherapy, I feel lighter, happier, and in control of my own emotions and reality. Before, I was working on accepting my body, as being what it is, something I cannot change. I now feel that my body is plastic, and I can mold it however I want. I feel leaner, taller, my shoulders dropped down, my arms hang loose on the sides of my body, and I often get compliments on my posture. I used to have a bladder problem, and since I've been working with Alina, it went away. I also stopped taking my pain medication. I am less stressed, more emotionally aware, and more active in finding out the source of my pain. I feel like I am falling in love with my partner for the first time, and I am experiencing sensuality and sexuality on a new level. 

      My experience working with Alina was like working with an angel. Alina had enough empathy to support me, and enough detachment to challenge me to take action when I settle for less than I can be."

    • Jack H.

      "I came to Alina because someone I knew recommended her parenting coaching. I had the idea that I was going to “fix” my 12-year old son, which would make my life easier on so many levels. Alina turned it all around, and taught me how to look at the situation from a completely different angle. I had not been aware that I was neglecting my needs while taking care of my son’s, and that neglect had backfired in ways that had been – to me – invisible up to that point. Because of Alina, I am very much a fan of strategic intervention. It’s amazing how just focusing on myself actually made my son’s negative behavior go away, made the atmosphere in the house lighter, and established a sense of ease we never had before."

    • Irene P.

      "Alina has been a tremendous support in my life. There have been many times when I fell hopeless and overwhelmed by my problems, and through working with Alina I have found an easier way to either accept the things I can't change, or find the motivation to face them. Alina showed me that it's important to process things. She taught me how to process, and how to let go. I truly believe she is born with a special talent to support and guide men, women and children at any phase they might be in their lives. I admire her ability to connect with people on such a deep level, and inspire change."

    • Christopher A.

      "Before I worked with Alina I had taken men’s workshops and seminars up the wazoo. I thought I knew everything there is to know about what women want, how to me a “man”, how to behave on a date, how to stay positive etc., but something was still missing. It turns out what was missing was Myself! Alina showed me that information and accumulation of skills does not make you a better man. She pieced together my internal mess and simplified it, and as a result I felt lighter, more energetic, and had laser focus in everything that I did. My focus shifted from looking for a relationship to actually enjoying my life, which I had forgotten how to do."

    • Derren R.

      "Alina is like no one I’ve ever met. She’ll see right through you, and not let you muddle in old beliefs and habits. She has un uncanny way of bringing out your authentic self, and open your eyes to aspects of yourself and your life you’ve never seen before. She is an amazing teacher, and like any amazing teacher, she knows how to support and challenge at the same time. If Alina has crossed your path in this lifetime, you are a lucky man!"

    • John P.

      "After many “failed” relationships I decided to get a dating coach so I can have a better chance at meeting “the one”. I was tired of putting myself out there, opening up, and ending in heartbreak warfare. I expected to learn strategies on how to detect a “good woman”, and then how to make her want me. Instead, Alina spent our first 4 sessions mentioning nothing of dating. I learned more about myself in a month than I had learned in years before. A spark lit inside, and I felt like I had a new passion for life. I switched my job, I moved to a different city, I took up a new hobby, and then I met an amazing woman! Funny how things come when you’re not looking…"

    • Patrick N.

      "I have never met a more charming, knowledgeable, intuitive and compassionate young lady. Alina breathes authenticity from every pore. That’s why she can teach it. And her wisdom would make her at least 700 years old in my book. I came to Alina because I was looking to start a new business, and was feeling a bit drab. She brought out of me giddiness, joy, and a desire to create, and my energy levels surged exponentially. I found working on my projects effortless, and I even started dating again, which for me was a big deal. Needless to say, my new business took off, and I owe much of that to Alina."

    • Johannes H.

      "Alina was like an angel to me. She showed out of nowhere and offered me a guiding hand in my first year in the United States. From helping me with my communication skills, to helping me understand the American culture, to helping me re-discover myself, Alina was for me a step to another level – one impossible to fully define. She has an amazing talent for finding your passions and your strengths, and for switching things around so you see the reality with different eyes. She makes you feel like nothing is impossible!"