• Creating Ordinary Magic

    • Do you remember a time when you met the right person at the right time, when you felt that something wonderful would happen and it did, when everything seemed to line up just right, without effort? Things like that happen every day, often without us noticing. I call that “ordinary magic.” We love moments like that, because it feels like we did nothing for them. However, whether we know it or not, we've done a lot. Together with everyone else in this universe, you are a powerful creator. As you read these words, you are creating your own experience. It is our nature as conscious beings to turn our thoughts and dreams into reality, to manifest them in physical form, easily and effortlessly.

      Then what makes some times so difficult, and others so smooth? How do we lose the flow and ease, and fall into pain and hardship?

      Life comes in seasons, since we are part of nature, yet how we react is what makes a winter painful and a spring happy. If you are struggling, if you are in pain, if you want more peace, more love, more freedom or more joy in your life, achieving that is one and the same process - the process of allowing the Magic to reach us. Have you noticed how intelligent this universe is? Have you contemplated the beating of your own heart recently? How does it know to keep you alive? How does a seed know to draw nutrients from the ground and grow into a beautiful flower that recreates the very same seed it came out of? There are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is expansion and growth. The abundance of the Universe is available to all of us, and a loving, joyous, prosperous and healthy life is our divine right. If we are awake, alive and allowing, we can reach that.

      For the past 15 years, in my journey of personal development, I have found that the process of materializing our wishes, creating ease and flow in our lives has a formula. I want to share this formula with you. Sign up below to receive my guide to creating Ordinary Magic, or subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive video updates. If you want to learn more, and delve deeper, consider attending one of my events, or contact me for a free consultation.


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