• Zen Bodytherapy® is a series of ten sessions designed to give the body its optimum functionality in movement and in stillness by preparing, balancing, and aligning the soft tissue of the body in relation with itself and the environment. While feeding ki, work is done to free up and align the fascial webbing, release the pain, reeducate the nervous system through awareness through movement, and produce a vertical lift through the body.

      Each Zen Bodytherapy® session follows a recipe for unwrapping, aligning and balancing the human structure. Each session is a continuation of the work done in the previous session and focuses on a specific area of the body.

      The nature of the Zen Bodytherapy® work is very deep, direct and to the point. Aberrations that have accumulated in the tissue over the years are cleared, the soft connective tissue is separated and freed, and the body is allowed to come together again, more aligned, integrated and balanced. The body exhibits an upward lift against the force of gravity, with great ease of movement and an unobstructed flow of energy.

      The goal of this work is to reverse the aging process and rejuvenate the client’s body, mind and soul.

      The people who seem to get the most from the work are the people who are ready for change and able to be actively engaged in its process.

    • Clients who have completed the Zen Bodytherapy® series say they:

      • Feel more alive
      • Improved their posture
      • Have more energy to do more
      • Recover faster in sports and physical demands
      • Feel better prepared for pregnancy and post partum
      • Increased their ability to be aware of the body’s changes and needs
      • Reduced or eliminated the original symptom they came in to get rid of
      • Felt more of a positive attitude
      • Renewed their sense of well being
      • Gained trust in their body to heal itself
      • Increased their mental clarity and decision making capacity
      • Can handle stressful conditions better
      • Got involved with community service and helping others
      • Increased the quality of their relationships
      • Started taking better care of their health
      • Felt a deeper connection to the world around them
    • Zen Bodytherapy® Canon

      “Zentherapy® recognizes that from birth to death life is a flow of energy. This energy takes shape by our attitudes, our emotions, and our bodies. Zentherapy® releases the natural form of the body from the aberrations caused by physical, chemical, psychological, and spiritual traumas. These aberrations misalign the body and block the free flow of energy within the body and between the person and the universe.  The blocks and misalignment prevent a person from realizing his full potential and experiencing the one list of all life. Once the blocks are removed and the structure is aligned, the body, mind and spirit was moved to a higher plateau.

      Zentherapy® is a synthesis from Eastern and Western cultures. Many different methods and techniques are used to process the body; this includes my teachers, Ada Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, Lauren Berry and Raymond Nimmo. Tanouye Rotaishi’s teachings are an underlying source of all Zentherapy® trainings.

      Consciously experiencing and using universal energy is what makes Zentherapy® unique. The zazen training is basic to this work. From the very first day and throughout the Zentherapy® trainings, special emphasis is placed upon the self-development of the practitioner and the development of the client.

      It is the goal in therapy for both the practitioner and client to become as a child: free of fear, hate, greed and pain. Fully living each moment, moment by moment.”

      William S. Leigh

    • The majority of the pain in our bodies is due to trapped emotions

      Is it our sedentary lifestyle, our stress level, or a combination of both? Watch this preview of the film E-motion to learn about how the body stores the subconscious mind.