• What is your Passion?

    • Your passion is something that is intensely meaningful and core to your identity. It influences your daily activities, your profession, your communications, how you relate, and whether you inspire others. It mobilizes your full energy, mind - body - spirit. It is the most YOU, and it has the magic - magnetic - power to attract to you the opportunities and circumstances you need most.

      From passion comes enthusiasm, joy, optimism, clarity, creativity, persistence, and confidence. Passion changes your brain chemistry! It makes you set higher goals. You care less about what others think. You follow through, and you perform better. Passion fills you up, and because you have more to give, you have better relationships.

      Spiritual traditions talk about Heaven & Earth, Spirit & Body, knowing-ness & grounded-ness. The heart center is where Spirit intelligence and Body intelligence meet, in the 4th chakra. That's why "heart" (and "love" that comes from it) has been, and continues to be a word we use to symbolize that power and mystery. "Follow your heart", "Listen to your heart" are mysterious directives for many men (and women!) who have not had the opportunity to develop their masculine and feminine energies in balance throughout their lives.

      Your passion is the product of this powerful heart of yours. Uncovering it will put you in touch with both Heaven and Earth. Will give you a spiritual connection to all that there is (feminine energy), and the knowledge you need to walk your path in this life (masculine energy).


      1. Write down, every day, for the next 7 days, 5 things that you loved doing that day. At the end of the week, examine and find the common theme.
      2. Write down what you loved doing growing up, including the silliest things. If you can't remember, ask your parents, cousins, and relatives.
      3. What were you known for? What were your quirks? What was annoying, obvious, unusual?
      4. What did you like most about your previous jobs?
      5. When are you most YOU, in flow? You know this, because you love what you do, and you lose track of time.
      6. If you had all the time and money in the world, what would you do (after you travel the world and drink all the possible margaritas in the sun)? What would you do daily? What does a perfect day look like for you?

      At the end, write out your passion statement(s): "I am passionate about ____________________" This will help you write out your Mission Statement or Life's Purpose, detailed here.

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