• What is your Life Purpose?

    • In a previous post we explored what your passions are. Passions are the fuel behind our purpose. A person can have more than one passion, but only has one life purpose.

      Your life purpose is a vision, or a dream which calls you, and pulls you forward. It is constant, unavoidable, and compelling. A passion can be something you enjoy in solitude, while a life purpose always involves other people, and, by extension, humanity as a whole.

      It takes a higher level of consciousness to discover one's life purpose, and that is why capturing and formulating it can be a frustrating and mysterious experience for many. However, once discovered, knowing your purpose can elevate your experiences, and offer your life a higher level of meaning. Daily mishaps become insignificant, blocks - temporary detours, and relationships - partnerships that serve, or don't serve, your mission.

      When we start to live our life purpose consistently, windows open everywhere, and synchronicities flow. We meet the right person at the right time, time speeds up, and opportunities abound. Ideas pour in, and our awareness expands. Pain is temporary, because our space is occupied by inspiration, and a strong desire to contribute to the life of others. Many people start feeling a strong spiritual connection to life.

      Read the passion statement(s) you wrote last week, and look for answers to the questions below:

      1. What do you feel called to do?
      2. Who do you do it for?
      3. What do these people want and need?
      4. How do they change as a result?

      Now plug the answers in the following statement: "My life purpose is to ______(do what, for who/ with whom)_____, so that they __________(benefit how)____________."

      As an example, I will share mine:

      "My life purpose is to empower and inspire humans to discover and connect with their True Selves, their Spirit, that part of themselves that is infinitely wise, infinitely loving, and infinitely strong, in order to harness the power to break through limitations, create the life they want, and give their gift to the world."

      Some people use the words "life purpose" and "missions" interchangeably. I believe our life purpose is one single constant in our lives. We may not be aware of it, but it's always there, and is always the same. Our mission can change throughout life, but all missions serve our purpose.

      My mission used to be to give children a Voice. Now it is to empower men by helping them connect to their inner Voice they had as a child. The purpose is the same, but the mission changed.

      We all have masculine and feminine energies inside of us. Masculine energy gives us a sense of direction, clear intention, and relentless courage to break through any resistance, fear and limitations. Knowing and living your life purpose is an expression of masculine energy. For men who want to amplify, or reconnect with, their masculine side, getting clear on your life purpose and living it is possibly the best avenue.