• Conscious relationships

    • We have entered a new era of consciousness, one in which relationships are not as well-defined as they used to be, and in which we are left to our own devices to build them with no props or blueprint on hand. They are exciting times, and they are challenging times.

      Women are financially independent, and can make decisions for themselves. Men are expected to be in touch with their emotions, and often be able to care for their children. How are we to interact in the context of these dynamics? What should we expect from each other? What is realistic? How much should we change to fit another? What can keep us together when we are all independent and can easily take care of ourselves?

      The answer is connection. We all want connection, and our souls crave the deepest connection possible – intimacy. Through intimacy, our heart opens and our minds bloom. We get in touch with forgotten parts of ourselves. We remember that life is wonderful, and that if we look around, every tree and every cloud is special. That is why everybody looks for it, whether they admit it or not.

      But connection often brings about unbelievable amounts of pain. Where is this pain coming from? Is it me, or it it her? How can loving someone bring me this? The answer lies in the awareness of who we are deep inside. Through the accumulation of experiences of life, we have forgotten who we really are. We have a dozen voices inside inside of us, telling us who we are and what we should do (our mother, our teachers, our friends – new friends and old friends – exes and boxes). Which one is in fact our own?

      Just like nature, life has seasons, and every season serves its own purpose. In winter, we retool, ponder and reflect. In spring, we get excited and plant seeds. In summer we work to maintain momentum. In the fall we harvest, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. And then winter starts all over again. It’s the cycle of life, one of perpetual renewal and growth.

      Intimate relationships are no exception. They come and go, they flourish and they wither across time, like nature. You never know from one day to another what will happen, and who will be there for you when you need someone. The question is then: “How we can be happy in a relationship, as well as out of a relationship?” We have inside of us all we need to create that, no one injects happiness into us, we create it ourselves. Why then don’t we? Why are we looking to another for happiness?

      Millions of books have been written on the topic of happiness, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, relationships, spirituality – all common sense, really. But why isn’t common sense so “common”? Why can’t we read a book and “get” happy? Perhaps because we are all very complex beings, each of us unique, and no book can capture the unique Selves that we each are in order to give an accurate and detailed prescription on how to go about getting happy. Perhaps because life is about the journey, not the destination, as you’ve heard many times, about self-discovery, and that – THAT – cannot be learned from books. It can only be learned from reflection. From awareness. From listening to our hearts and our feelings, with compassion and understanding.

      I am here to dig deep with you and find out who you really are inside. What you are passionate about, what makes you really YOU! To find your own voice. To remind you of the beauty, the strength and the amazing resources that you have inside. Once you see that, you will have answers to all of your questions, and you will have found a new level of happiness, one that is effortless and natural. It is then that it will not matter to you if you are in a relationship or not, you will enjoy every interaction you have because your happiness will not depend on them. And that’s exactly when the universe will deliver to you the partner that you want. But most importantly, what I help foster in you is the awareness and confidence that, no matter what happens in any relationship, your happiness does not depend on it. Because you will already have the most important relationship – the hardest to master – your relationship with yourself.

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