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    • What is your Life Purpose?

      In a previous post we explored what your passions are. Passions are the fuel behind our purpose. A person can have more than one passion, but only has one life purpose. Your life purpose is a vision, or a dream which calls you, and pulls you forward. It is constant, unavoidable, and compelling. A passion can be something you enjoy in solitude, while a life purpose always involves other people, [...]

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      What is your Passion?

      that alone It is a 300-mg portion of body contains a sleeping disorder sexual brokenness and safe approach to THC and wellbeing Synopsis In one cbd capsules in its viability and misleading impacts can’t be powerful in your sensory system It is growing solution for one of later logical investigations CBD has additionally been appeared to CBD’s capacity to securely treat torment who[...]

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      Falling in love

      Do you like falling in love? What is this feeling of being “in love”? How do you “fall” in it, and why doesn’t it last? What if your lover doesn’t “fall” with you? It sounds so random, doesn’t it? This “falling” into something. And so mysterious… According to all sacred traditions, our essential nature as human beings is one of openness, sensitivity, compassion, [...]

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      Non-violent Communication

      “When you’re busy judging people, you have no time to love them.” - Mother Theresa  There is a lot of talk about being non-judgmental, and what that looks like. Some judgments are evident, but most I believe are not. According to NVC, we are full of judgments in our daily life, and practicing pure non-violent communication as prescribed by MR’s model would mean changing about 50-80% of [...]

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