• Become a better parent


      • Are you continuously tired, frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed?
      • Are you unsure of how much freedom to give your children in order for them to thrive?
      • Do you find yourself in power struggle with your kids, and often in arguments with your spouse as a result?
      • Do you have a child with special needs, and unsure how to best support him or her?
    • Being a parent is a wonderful opportunity to contribute in the world, and grow as an individual. Your buttons will be pushed many a times, and you will discover you have resources you didn't know existed inside of you. The combination of responsibility, uncertainty, novelty and lack of adequate sleep or self-care can bring you to fatigue and overwhelm. Time alone with your partner can be difficult to fit in the schedule, and so can be having a social life outside of the home.

      Children are just little people, with great intuition and generative spirit which needs to be channeled gently and firmly. They often seem to fight for their independence before they fully understand how the world works. In Tai Chi, practitioners are taught that you can react and struggle, or you can redirect others' energy, and use the least amount of effort for maximum results. I find parenting works the same way. Force is always met with force, and struggle with struggle. Through self-awareness and use of some key tools and strategies, parenting can be a pleasant, rewarding experience, instead of an exhausting one.


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